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  • HS1 Ashgrove Titles Map 1875

    1875 Map showing first freehold blocks 26 - 29.

  • HS2 Ashgrove State School 1890

    First Ashgrove school - 1890.

  • HS3 St Johns Wood House ca 1930

    'St John's Wood House' or 'Granite House' c.a. 1930.

  • HS4 Glenlyon House and Billiards Room

    Glenlyon House and Billiards Room - built 1876.

  • HS5 Tram on Waterworks Rd 1924

    Tram on Waterworks Road 1924.

  • HS6 James Brunton Stephens 1902

    James Brunton Stephens, 1902 - celebrated poet and head teacher at Ashgrove State  School in 1877.

  • HS7 Federal to Grove Estate Horse Bus

    William Marshall and passengers in the horse bus, corner of Three Mile Scrub Road (Ashgrove Avenue) and Dorset Street.  Source: Eunice Adame.

  • HS8 Trout Family Federation Celebration 1901

    Trout family "federation reunion", perhaps at Richard Trout's home ‘Cumstree’, corner of  Dalton Street and Waterworks Road.  1901.
    Image source: Alan Trout.

  • HS9 WWII soldiers Embassy Hall St Johns Wood

    WWII soldiers  c.1945 outside Embassy Hall in Royal Parade in St Johns Wood. Part of 2/1 Australian Chemical Warfare Laboratory contingent.

  • HS10 BP Garage Stewart Rd 1974

    Old BP garage, Stewart Road near old bridge, Jan 1974 flood.

Glenlyon House and Billiards Room

Photo of Glenlyon House and Billiards Room

Glenlyon House and Billiards Room - built 1876.

'Alexander Stewart bought land on Enoggera Creek in 1875 and called the estate Glenlyon. He began to build Glenlyon House in 1875 and it was finished in 1877. The bricks used to build Glenlyon House are said to have been hand made by South Sea Island labour. In the mid-1890s a small building containing a billiard room, gun room and cellar was built next to the main house.'
(Excerpt from 'Ashgrove 150 Plaques, Enoggera Creek Bikeway, Ashgrove Sportsground': Ashgrove Historical Soc Inc.)